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The idea for ‘Ripple’ (formerly known as ‘The Sustainability App’) began in November 2019 as simply as a conversation happening within the ITIC workshops. Here, enthusiasm for the idea prompted the formation of a core team (Tse, Abi, Puria and me) wishing to pursue this further.  After many meetings, both amongst ourselves and with academics and other Cambridge societies, we were finally ready, in January, to officially launch the start of this exciting, new project and get the ball rolling.

The launch event was a great evening, bringing together many motivated Cambridge environmentalists, all intrigued by ‘The Sustainability App.’ The event kicked off with a short presentation given by the core team. After introducing ourselves, we summarised the origin of the idea, the potential features of the app, the key teams needing formation and the general logistics of the project. We highlighted the app’s mission to transform complex environmental reports and resources into a bite-sized interactive resource, which would assess the sustainability of different actions, whilst also creating a community platform.

After this initial presentation, the remainder of the event was spent with all the attendees sharing ideas – of course over food! This interactive approach not only helped engage attendees, but also demonstrated the collaborative, open minded nature of the project. As part of this, we split attendees according to whether they were interested in data analysis, coding/app development, branding, or behavioural analysis of users (the four key sub-teams within Ripple). For example, the Data Analysis team discussed the key metrics that we believe could effectively define whether a user’s action is sustainable, whilst the Behaviour team discussed how we might convey information to the user most effectively. We made sure to revolve everyone through each subgroup, to ensure they had a complete understanding of each team’s role and how all groups integrate together.

Early brainstorm notes on the most useful sustainability metrics

This hands-on evening successfully helped to simultaneously bring attention to this unique project and hear new ideas from individuals of different specialties, whilst recruiting members. We can’t wait until the next big event, and hope to see you there!



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