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Want to be part of an impactful student-led start-up aiming to change the dynamics in the climate change movement? Cascade are recruiting, and we want YOU! There are rewarding roles available in every sub-team, for every skill set, and with a variety of time commitments, and we welcome everyone!


Meet the teams

You can find out more about our project, our approach and team on our homepage where we also have our introductory video. We’ve built a diverse team comprising a wide range of skills, but would love to get more people involved. Check out more about team roles below or join us.

Data Analysis (2-3 hours/week)

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Data analysis is key to our aim of ‘putting the numbers back into climate change’! We want to identify the high impact actions an individual can take to secure a more sustainable future, by considering three key data streams: carbon, biodiversity and ethics. We’re looking for enthusiastic self-starters who are keen to research the key factors in sustainable living.

Behavioural Insights and User Experience (2 hours/week)

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The behavioural insights team designs the app features that will help people develop long-term habits and make sustainability sustainable. You don’t need to be a psychologist, just someone creative and detail-oriented, who likes learning about how people make decisions and how change occurs, and then finding fun ways to implement this!

Visual Design (3-4 hours/week)

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The visual design team is everything you ‘see’ as Cascade. Anyone with the slightest bit of creativity, who wants to develop their skills in Adobe software (from Illustrator to After Effects) is welcome! Teamwork is a big part of visual design and tasks will often be split up between members to even the workload.


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If you’re an experienced web developer and want some experience in how a startup is run, you might want to take a more active role alongside current team lead, Matthew, in organising the team and directing Cascade’s vision from the coding perspective.


Both front- and back-end coders are essential for bringing ideas to life! Being a Cascade coder is challenging and requires a lot of self-learning, but is flexible to when you want to work, and you will be surrounded by a supportive team. We’re looking for people who’ve done some web development before and (ideally, but not essential) have experience with Django, Vue or Nuxt.


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If you’re a goal-oriented person who likes to make things happen and can keep track of multiple things at once, the Operations Team Lead could be the role for you. You would work across the Ops sub-teams to identify tasks that need to be done and map out the path to success. People who are keen to develop leadership skills and go into careers in consulting, entrepreneurship or management would love this role.


As the human resource manager you would create the culture that fuels Cascade’s team of enthusiastic, motivated people. We’re looking for fun, innovative people-persons, interested in learning about organisational behaviour, to advise directors on how teams should work within Cascade, as well as planning socials for the team to keep spirits high.


Cascade’s legal team looks after the project as a legal entity and takes care of its IP, as well as day-to-day issues such as collecting and using user data ethically. No formal legal training is needed and we’re looking for resourceful people with a willingness to do legal research. This is great for people with an interest in commercial and technology-based law.


The finance team looks for funding opportunities for the project and manages applications and team accounts. This role would be great for people interested in banking and finance.


Are you keen to get people enthused about the next big thing in sustainable living? The marketing team looks after our brand image and runs our social media accounts and blog pages. This role is great for people who want to tell people about sustainability, are organized, creative, and have excellent written communication skills.


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The strategy team maps out how this app will reach the long-term goal of a more sustainable world for everyone everywhere. We’re looking for people with a range of backgrounds, and interests including policy, sociology and social good, who really want to get stuck into high-impact ways to achieve a more sustainable world.


The business strategy team is crucial for ensuring that Cascade is a financially viable venture in the long-term, through writing business plans, and pitching and networking on behalf of Cascade. This is the role for anyone looking to develop some business acumen, or perhaps interested in launching their own business in the future.



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